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Programs that work for today's workforce.

Modular Training

Our training covers all the basics for entry-level positions in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, semiconductor, and broadband. Individuals earning our Industry 4.0 Basic Operations certification are ready to succeed at entry-level positions in these industries. 

Stackable Credentials

Our credentials are stackable and can go towards multiple trades enabling individuals to have better career mobility in this era of industry 4.0. Individuals can continue to earn additional credentials and work towards a certification in advanced skills without having to leave the workplace. 

Bridging the Skills Gap

Employers can get their new hires up to speed with our entry-level training program and track progress through our online platform. Individuals can complete course work without leaving the workplace, and align hands-on training with every-day work activities.


We partner with:


Upskill current employees.

Onboard and train new hires.


High Schools

Technical Schools

Colleges and Universities


Non Profits

Community Centers


Religious Institutions

The Baltu Technologies Difference

We are trusted by Employers, High-Schools, and Colleges to help them bring up the next generation workforce and create a sustainable workforce development cycle. Our programs include a train the trainer model that delivers pre-built guides on how to effectively deliver on-the-job training.

Fiber optic technician working in the field

About the programs

Entry-Level Fast Track

The Entry-Level Fast Track  program is built to help Employers get their new hires up to speed FAST, and by fast we mean 2-4 weeks. Our entry-level training helps individuals identify basic tools and learn how to use them, understand essential safety procedures and best practices, industry jargon, and communication skills. 

Upskilling for High-Schools

Upskilling for High-Schools offers training, certifications, resume prep, and interview prep for students that are graduating. Upon completion we connect students with our Employer Partners who are open to hire high-school Grads. During the course of the program the students also get to visit employers’ facilities and see first-hand the high-tech environment of today’s manufacturers.

On-The-Job Learning

Our On-The-Job (OTJ) upskilling program helps employers provide training for their workforce to advance to specific roles within their organization without having to leave the workplace. This training uses curricula developed by us and complements it with specific knowledge documented by seasoned employees through our OTJ knowledge sharing platform, SuperDoc.

Industry 4.0 - Operations Technician

The Industry 4.0 Basic Operations credential prepares individuals to be operators in an Industry 4.0 environment or enhance the skills of incumbent IT technicians, maintenance technicians, and others.


As the federal government begins to deliver $48Bn in BEAD funding, it’s estimated that over 200,000 fiber optic technicians will be needed in the net 5 years. Our Fiber Optic Technician Pathway is designed to prepare individuals to work as fiber optic installers and technicians. The training includes knowledge for planning installations, install, repair and test fiber cable in a variety of environments (underground, indoor, aerial), terminate cable utilizing a variety of connectors, perform testing utilizing OTDRs, Power Meter/Light Sources and VFLs.


This program individuals to master construction basics, heavy machinery operation, and OSHA 10 requirements through our hybrid online on-the-job training course, designed for practical, efficient learning.


We have your back.

We work with high schools and postsecondary schools to offer training, certifications, resume prep, interview prep and connecting jobs for graduating students. We empower students with real opportunities.

We work with our Employer Partners to inform our curricula and ensure that the credentials offered by our programs cover real workforce needs.

Our Partners
Our Partners

We look forward to working with you and build the next generation workforce.

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