Cut training time in half.
Document knowledge twice as fast.

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Develop Your Workforce Faster


People learn in a variety of ways, our easy to use editor allows your workers to create content that explains how to get a job done quickly and correctly.

Create instructions using images, videos, text, and augmented reality. 


Finding good instructions can often be a task of its own. SuperDoc makes discovering useful content as easy as using a search engine.

Use SuperDoc from a mobile device to find work instructions by text, QR code, or voice.

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SuperDoc Product Page | Engineers performing tasks using SuperDoc


Workers can be difficult to find and train. With SuperDoc you can rapidly upskill and train new employees without taking time away from your experts.

Embrace hands-on training to develop your workforce faster and more efficiently.

Decrease Downtime

Easy fixes make up 90% of service calls that can simply be handled by lower-skilled workers with the right knowledge. Our iPad app provides them that expertise, and your workers will decrease unscheduled downtime by 10%. 

Make Training More Efficient

We are offering your workers distinctive training that fits their work style with no loss of retention. Hands-on learning with step-by-step walkthroughs are guided by text, audio, video, and augmented reality. Workers will solve problems on time, and on their own.

Develop Skilled Labor

Transferring your expert’s knowledge onto an iPad provides access to workers both newly recruited and veteran alike. Increasing the hiring pool opens up the opportunity for your workforce to never fall short while developing your frontline’s autonomy and efficiency.  

Improve Documentation

Workers will have no doubt on where to find the solutions they need to solve simple machine problems. All your expert’s notes, safety measures, and instructions in one easily accessible platform. 

Increase Worker Confidence and Safety

An expert’s knowledge guiding the hands of your workforce develops their ability to perform a task confidently, every time. Keeping your worker, equipment, and product safe increases your worker confidence, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

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