Your expert’s knowledge delivered to your workforce step-by-step on an iPad.

Start upskilling

Just-in-time training

SuperDoc helps reduce machinery downtime by enabling organizations to document expert knowledge. Our iPad app empowers employees to diagnose and troubleshoot problems just-in-time (JIT) without having to call a technician.

Make your worker an expert

Upskill your


Reduce Downtime

Reduces unplanned machinery downtime by empowering front-line workers with the capability to diagnose and troubleshoot equipment.

Increase Throughput

Empowers your workforce to keep machinery working, helping you meet and exceed your production quotas.

Improve Documentation

Document your processes, tasks, and work history in one place, and deliver it step-by-step to your workers.

Improve Training

Improves existing training methods and upskills the worker with a powerful task support system.

Increase Confidence

Workers using SuperDoc know exactly what to do at the right place, at the right time, with the right knowledge.

Improve Safety

Workers receive accurate information for task performance and insight on how to keep themselves safe on the job.

Resources to upskill your workforce

Lack of Documentation_Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime Part 2: Lack of Documentation

Welcome back to our blog series, Solving for Unplanned Downtime. The series where we present creative solutions that prepare you and your workers for the unexpected and decrease your downtime. The topic we’ll be covering today is Lack of Documentation, and we’ll describe how recording your key knowledge is essential for a advanced workforce.

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