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Modular Training

Our training covers all the basics for entry-level positions in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, semiconductor, and broadband. Individuals earning our Industry 4.0 Basic Operations certification are ready to succeed at entry-level positions in these industries. We work with Employers to create career pathways for their Employees.

Stackable Credentials

Our credentials are stackable and can go towards multiple trades enabling individuals to have better career mobility and fill in high-skilled jobs rapidly. Individuals go through the course online and reinforce their learning with hands-on training by doing every-day work activities. All without leaving the workplace.

Customizable Training

SuperDoc, our on-the-job training platform, allows organizations to develop customized training by documenting daily procedures and tasks. It simplifies all processes into manageable steps, supported by images, videos, and 3D models. This provides immediate assistance for troubleshooting and task completion for new employees.

Advanced Manufacturing

The adoption of new technologies in manufacturing is creating new jobs which companies need fill out fast. Skilled labor is needed to operate, maintain, and repair advanced equipment. Our program prepares individuals for entry-level positions in this industry and provides a pathway for them to grow their career in advanced manufacturing.


The US government identified broadband access as a critical issue for millions of Americans, and the quest for closing the digital divide requires an army of skilled knowledgeable workers. Employment opportunities to install, maintain, and troubleshoot high-speed broadband systems received support from the U.S. federal government under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and it’s expected to create about 200,000 jobs for broadband deployment Today, there are not enough to fulfill that need. That’s why we are adding a training program to attend the immediate needs of the Broadband industry.


Our certification program prepares individuals for entry-level positions in basic operations and maintenance for advanced equipment. Employers can also continue to upskill their workforce based on their needs with custom OTJ training.


Our rapid upskilling program helps employers to broaden their hiring pool by lower the bar for the initial qualifications and hire individuals who are excited about the job.

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Certifications & Credentials
Certified Industry 4.0 Associate I - Basic Operations

The C-101 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate I – Basic Operations  certification is an introductory credential that prepares individuals to succeed in modern production environments that use Industry 4.0 controls, automation, and processes. This certification is appropriate for individuals working in any occupation in advanced manufacturing or aerospace.

Certified Industry Associate II - Advanced Operations

The C-102 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate II- Advanced Operations certification is an introductory credential that prepares individuals to analyze and modify modern production control systems that use Industry 4.0 automation technologies and processes. This certification prepares individuals for occupations such as maintenance, IT, and engineering

Certified Fiber Optic Installer

This course prepares individuals to layout, install and maintain fiber optic cabling systems. This course goes over codes, standards and best practices accepted by respected players in the fiber optics industry. This course contains knowledge assessments and hands-on training activities. This course is considered as Level 1 and it is recommended to be followed by our Level 2 course “Fiber Optic Technician”.

Fiber Optic Technician

This course is the Level 2 of our Broadband upskilling program. This course goes over advanced concepts required to safely and successfully install and test fiber optic communications cabling. The course is supported with journey level assessments and hands-on  training activities. 

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We have available programs for selected industries and we work with Employers to customize the training to their needs.

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