How to solve for unplanned downtime

Featured Image: How to solve for unplanned downtime

Workers feel confident when they trust and understand the equipment they operate. Unfortunately, equipment fails. When equipment fails, repair jobs are entrusted to skilled technicians that are in high demand. How can we alleviate this bottleneck? Downtime can be reduced through the documentation of common machinery fixes and maintenance procedures. When empowered with the means to identify and resolve a problem, trades workers can reduce the costs required to keep the machinery going, improve their skills, and alleviate the demand for skilled technicians. There may be an upfront investment in documenting the troubleshooting process but these benefits will quickly outweigh the cost of documentation:

  • Structured solutions to quickly resolve problems
  • Information available in the formats your employees are comfortable with (ie. text, pictures, audio, or video)
  • Version control to avoid using outdated information
  • Knowledge sharing across your organization
  • Potential just-in-time training
  • Rapid upskilling of non-experts

Manuals can become outdated. Documentation works effectively when it is designed to include updated information in easily understood formats like pictures and video. A robust knowledge management system should allow experts in your organization to provide insight to their peers in a way that is understandable. 

We developed SuperDoc, a just-in-time training platform to provide these insights on a mobile device that can be accessed by any type of employee.

If you’d like to learn how knowledge management systems can help your enterprise, we’d be happy to discuss how we are successfully testing SuperDoc. Schedule a demo to see what advantages SuperDoc can create for your organization.

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