SuperDoc allows your workforce to capture and share the specialized skills and knowledge of your organization.

Create collections

Standard operating procedures and work instructions.
Diagnosing and troubleshooting guides.
Training and learning guides.
Quality assurance and quality control guides and more!

Standardize how work is done

Centralize your organization’s skills and knowledge.

Ensure installation, assembly, and maintenance is completed correctly and meets required standards.

Create a standard source of truth on how work should be performed.

Capture expert knowledge

The SuperDoc editor makes it fast and easy to document the specialized and custom knowledge of your organization.

Create videos, images, audio, and augmented reality on a mobile device.

Capture tribal knowledge before it leaves your organization.

Designed for hands-on employees

SuperDoc is easy to use and is accessible anywhere on a mobile device.

Easy to follow instructions so your employees have the confidence to do the job right.

Offline mode for locations where internet isn’t available.

We strive to help improve your key metrics

Improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Reduce downtime.

Reduce rework.

Reduce customer support calls.

Improve quality.

Improve safety.

Would you like to learn more?

Train anyone to do anything

Deliver realtime knowledge through a mobile device to anyone, anywhere.

Automate training and onboarding.

Upskill your workforce on-the-job.


"SuperDoc is like a turbocharged version of YouTube, but just for our organization."
VP of Operations
Manufacturing Company

Secure and private server

SuperDoc is secure, compliant and exclusively accessible to your organization.  

256-bit encryption so your data is always protected. 

Augmented Reality

Bring digital twins of equipment or spaces anywhere for remote training or collaborations.

Improve feedback between teams.

Import CAD models, Revit models, or photorealistic 3D scans.


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