On-The-Job training software.

SuperDoc captures and shares the specialized knowledge of your experts to rapidly train your next-generation workforce.

SuperDoc is the on-site expert
for your organization.

Accessible to anyone on the factory floor or in the field, our customers leverage SuperDoc in various ways, from an ‘At-the-machine’ SOP, troubleshooting guide or a virtual training tool.

Create collections of knowledge.

Standard operating procedures and work instructions.
Diagnosing and troubleshooting guides.
Training and how-to guides.
Educational curriculum.
QA/QC guides.

Standardize how work is done.

Centralize your organization's skills and knowledge.
Create a standard source of truth on how work should be performed.
Ensure installation, assembly, or maintenance tasks are completed correctly.

Capture expert knowledge fast.

The SuperDoc editor makes it fast and easy to document the specialized and custom knowledge of your organization.
Create videos, images, audio, and augmented reality while on-site.
Use voice-to-text to avoid using a keyboard.
Capture tribal knowledge before it leaves your organization.

Augmented Reality made easy.

Bring digital twins of equipment or spaces anywhere for remote training.
Import CAD models, Revit models, animated 3D models or photorealistic 3D scans.
Improve collaboration and design between teams.
Integrate into XR headsets for hands-free use.
"SuperDoc is like a turbocharged version of YouTube, but just for our organization."
VP of Operations
Semiconductor Industry

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Secure and private server.

SuperDoc is secure, compliant and exclusively accessible to your organization.  
256-bit encryption so your data is always protected. 
ISO 27001 compliant.
SAML SSO and Multi-factor Authentication (2FA).
Offline access when connectivity isn't available.

Designed for hands-on employees.

SuperDoc is easy to use and is accessible anywhere on a mobile device.
Clear instructions so your employees have the confidence to do the job right.
Learn while on-the-job.

We help improve your key metrics.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Reduce downtime.

Reduce rework.

Reduce customer support calls.

Improve quality.

Improve safety.

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