Micro-Learning for the hands-on workforce.

We combine micro-lessons with On-The-Job-Training (OJT), making learning and development more effective for employers, teachers, and individuals.

More efficient training to upskill and retain your valuable employees.

Upskilling Program

The Baltu Technologies Upskill program is a micro-learning platform that prepares and certifies individuals  for entry-level positions and beyond. We partner with Employers, Community, and Education organizations to prepare people for high-demand positions.

On-The-Job Training

Our mobile app, SuperDoc, enables organizations to customize their training, capture the key knowledge of your experts, and distribute it across your workforce in real-time, expediting worker training and centralizing their critical knowledge.

Our Partners

The On-The-Job training platform for

Be super.

The On-The-Job knowledge sharing platform.

Enable a healthy flow of information between experienced engineers and technicians. All in one place.

Capture the valuable knowledge of your workforce.

All the essential knowledge and expertise captured and passed on to the next generation of workers before your employees retire or leave your company.

Increase workforce productivity across your operations

Free up your experienced workers time allowing them to focus on critical tasks, and enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

We listened to hundreds of industry experts and built a solution that addresses the specific challenges of the factory floor.

Industries Using Our Solutions
Advanced manufacturing workforce development
Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace and Baltu Technologies
Semiconductor workforce development
Broadband technicians in the field
We look forward to helping you build a sustainable workforce.
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