Creators of SuperDoc

the on-the-job training app to train your workforce fast. 

SuperDoc is like having an expert by your side on demand.

Businesses big and small need to train workers quickly and efficiently. We have designed a mobile app that delivers any kind of expert knowledge to your employees without taking them away from the task at hand.
Whether they are getting familiarized with new facilities and tools or installing and servicing complex machinery,  SuperDoc can be used to fast track your workers to success

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Executive Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and COO

Co-Founder & CTO

advisory board

Former Deputy Chief Technologist at NASA. 

Cognitive Psychologist at Arizona State University. President at Embodied Games LLC. 

Executive Director of the New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.

Head of Product Management at 1010data. Former VP of Global Product Management and Marketing at Blackboard.

Former CEO at Microbenefits. Successfully exited social impact venture.

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