Reduce downtime.
Upskill your workforce.

 Your expert’s knowledge delivered to your workforce, step-by-step on an iPad.

What do you do when downtime happens?

Up to 90% of downtime
are common and easy fixes.

When downtime happens,
experts stop their work
and are called in to resolve these easy fixes.

Give your entire workforce access to your expert's knowledge

Train your workforce and resolve downtime fast.


A Just-in Time training platform that brings your expert to anyone.

SuperDoc helps to 

reduce downtime

by empowering lesser-trained workers to diagnose and troubleshoot problems when they happen.

Your workforce can 

learn on-the-job 

by following your experts and responding to downtime.

want to bring your expert to anyone?

Upskill your



Reduce downtime by 10%


Increase training efficiency by 50%


Capture tribal knowledge before it leaves your organization.


Workers know what to do at the right place, right time, and with the right knowledge.


Keep your workers safe with guidance on when and where they need to be extra careful.

Resources to upskill your workforce

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What is Just-in-Time training?

The term is used to describe a lean manufacturing methodology, but is used in other areas like worker training, too. We describe SuperDoc as the JIT training platform, but do you know what “Just-in-Time training” means? Here’s the gist.

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Lack of Documentation_Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime Part 2: Lack of Documentation

Welcome back to our blog series, Solving for Unplanned Downtime. The series where we present creative solutions that prepare you and your workers for the unexpected and decrease your downtime. The topic we’ll be covering today is Lack of Documentation, and we’ll describe how recording your key knowledge is essential for a advanced workforce.

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